See your chain in action

From Code to MVP to Production and Migrations

After having developed your chain, now you will take the next step to move your chain to a proof-of-concept and into production.

# In this chapter

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • About the different considerations that need to be covered before you can get your blockchain into production.
  • How to compile your blockchain for distribution to interested parties.
  • How to prepare, use, and protect the private cryptographic keys that you need.
  • How to prepare a genesis and coordinate its creation between stakeholders.
  • How to prepare your network topology and configuration to be part of your blockchain.
  • How to prepare your server for convenience and reliability.
  • How to apply this knowledge to simulate a small production for your checkers application with the help of Docker Compose.
  • How to prepare and program a blockchain state migration (a.k.a. "a breaking change"), using the example of the introduction of a leaderboard to the checkers application.
  • How to prepare your server when an upgrade is upcoming.
  • How to apply this knowledge to simulate a small production upgrade for your checkers application with the help of Docker Compose.

# Next up

It is time to move your checkers blockchain into production. In the next section, you can find an overview of the different aspects one needs to address to move a Cosmos blockchain into production. Afterwards, you can dive right into preparing your software to run, a validator and keys, the node starting point (the genesis), the nodes and their connections to other nodes, how to configure, Run, and Set Up a Service, and migrations. Then you can explore simulating production in Docker.

After, you will tally player info after production into your checkers blockchain. Upgrading your chain in production and dealing with data migrations and logic upgrades will become easier to understand after this guided coding section.

Next, you will add a leaderboard module and have it work elegantly with checkers, first without any migration complications.

After that, you will add another migration, this time for the introduction of the leaderboard module in production.

You finish by simulating upgrades in production with the use of Docker Compose.

# Developer Resources

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
A framework to build application-specific blockchains

Blockchain consensus engine and application interface

Cosmos Hub
Cosmos Hub
First interconnected public blockchain in the Interchain network

Industry standard protocol for inter-blockchain communication