Get started with Ignite CLI and run your Cosmos chain

First Steps - Rebuild Your Cosmos Chain With Ignite

Do you want to find out how to run Cosmos chains? Take it step-by-step.

Begin with an introduction to Ignite CLI. Then discover the first steps to building an application-specific blockchain from scratch using the Ignite CLI.

In the next chapters, you will learn how to implement a checkers game blockchain with all the different aspects this can entail.

# In this chapter

In this chapter, you will:

  • Work with the Ignite CLI.
  • Begin implementing a blockchain for a checkers game using the Ignite CLI, including unit tests.
  • Create custom messages for your blockchain.
  • Work with the message handler to create and save games.
  • Emit game information with events.
  • Record game winners in storage.

# Next up

Before you begin exploring Ignite CLI, prep everything for the running exercise - creating a checkers blockchain - by going through the section Set Up Your Work Environment.

If your setup is ready to go, begin with an introduction to Ignite CLI in the next section.

# Developer Resources

Cosmos SDK
Cosmos SDK
A framework to build application-specific blockchains

Blockchain consensus engine and application interface

Cosmos Hub
Cosmos Hub
First interconnected public blockchain in the Interchain network

Industry standard protocol for inter-blockchain communication