# Exam Quiz

You have reached the end of Week 1. Time for a check-up to see how much you have captured!

Follow this link Week 1 Quiz (opens new window) to attempt a pop quiz covering general questions on the interchain and its main concepts. The quiz contains 37 questions and you have 120 minutes to complete it, which is more time than you will need.

Please make sure you enter the same email address used to sign up for this Academy when submitting the quiz.

The Exam Quiz is worth 10% of your Final Exam score.

You are free to attempt the quiz now, or you can wait until the Final Exam period officially begins on January 4th, 2024. The absolute deadline for attempting the quiz is February 1st.

Be aware: You can only attempt the Exam Quiz once.

It is recommended to do the quiz in a quiet environment without distractions and ensure that you have time to complete it without being interrupted.

After you complete the Exam Quiz, you will receive a confirmation email including your score and some feedback.

Good Luck!